Electrolysis for Transgendered clients

At Anagen Therapies we offer electrolysis to transgendered clients for permanent hair removal in a professional, discreet, confidential and friendly environment.

Gender dysphoria is a condition where a person feels that they are trapped within the body of the wrong gender. A person with gender dysphoria experiences anxiety, uncertainty and persistently uncomfortable feelings about the gender they were born with. They believe their gender identity is different from their anatomical sex. Awareness of gender dysphoria is increasing due to growing public awareness. However, many people with gender dysphoria still face prejudice and misunderstanding about their condition. It is estimated that one in 4,000 people in the UK receives medical help for gender dysphoria, which suggests that there are many more people with the condition who have yet to seek help. On average, men are diagnosed with gender dysphoria five times more often than women. A significant challenge for a trans person is unwanted hair and finding electrolysists who are willing and trained to assist them.

It is very difficult to predict how long the course of electrolysis treatments will be. The average time to treat a full transgendered beard is likely to be a minimum of 1-2 years of intensive treatment (approximately 100 – 200 hours). During electrolysis a small probe is inserted into the follicle following the direction of the hair. The hair must be at least 1mm long so that the electrolysist can see the angle of the hair and be able to tweeze it out. Shaving two days before is permitted if the hair is going to be long enough to treat. This does depend upon the individual’s hair growth rate.

You will be given written aftercare advice by your electrolysist. Following the treatment the electrolysist will apply an aftercare product. The Sterex aftercare products are specifically produced to soothe, calm and protect the skin to avoid unwanted reactions. The aftercare products contain ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel and are in a gel formulation to enable the skin to breathe. These products are available to purchase at the salon at a relatively low cost. The aftercare advice is part of the electrolysis treatment and must be followed morning and night for the following 24 hours or until the skin has fully healed.

Vickie is the only electrologist in the Hull, Humber, East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire area who is:

  • Registered with the BIAE (British Institute and Association of Electrolysis)
  • A registered NHS provider of electrolysis for permanent hair removal
  • A registered Bupa provider of electrolysis for permanent hair removal

BIAE members are specialist electrologists that complete rigorous electrolysis assessments and examinations on top of electrolysis qualifications, giving clients the reassurance of quality treatments by specialists in their field of work.

4 sessions in and the top lip looks amazing. I go from despair the night before treatment because of not shaving and elation after treatment. Vickie is so understanding, supportive and non judgemental.

I'm not a new customer, I've been with Vickie for some time. I'm transgender and my course of electrolysis is of vital importance to me. I have found Vickie conscientious, reassuring and supportive. I'm glad that I found her.